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t. lynn jax - Author, Illustrator, Bookmaker

t. lynn jax


Build-A-Book Workshops

It was 1977 in a small, Wisconsin town called Mauston…and 10 miles from its outskirts on a small hobby farm, Terri’s family called home. Terri was born seven years before, the last of seven children; her father was a warm, quiet man of few, deliberate words…an electrical engineer, teacher and musician…and her mother was a brilliant homemaker with a vivid personality who could create, grow and nurture just about anything. It was from these two, from her family, and the place and experience of her upbringing, that Terri finds the source of her inspiration and strength.


To date, Terri has illustrated and published three children’s books (more to follow) under her maiden (pen) name t. lynn jax…each with a reference to her new hometown area, Tulsa, Oklahoma.


In one of the stories, the canine protagonist learns a special secret that helps her cope with her fear of thunderstorms…such that she even enjoys them. The moral? Learning about something you’re scared of makes it not so scary anymore. Terri hopes this lesson can resonate with everyone – young and old – that learning makes everything less intimidating, and can even help us overcome our own personal fears.


Contact Terri directly via this website for further information about her books and workshops.

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